Henry County Water District
Where Does My Water Come From?
Where Does My Water Come From?

The source of your drinking water is groundwater from the Ohio River Alluvium Aquifer.  The water is pumped from six wells to the Morton Ridge Road Treatment Plant.  The Treatment Plant is a multi-million dollar facility that went on line in 1998.  The Treatment Plant is capable of producing six (6)

million gallons of water per day. The District has 6400 customers in a five (5) county area and also produces water for Eminence, New Castle and West Carroll Water District.  The District is comprised of approximately 520 miles of distribution mains with six (6) booster pump stations and eleven (11) storage tanks.

                The District has completed phase I and Phase II of the Wellhead Protection Plan.  A copy of the completed plan is available for inspection at the KIPDA area Development District, The Division of Water, or our office at 8955 Main Street, Campbellsburg, KY  40011 during normal business hours.

                The Purpose of a Wellhead Protection Area is to study a water source’s susceptibility to contamination and minimize the impact of land uses that could potentially threaten source water quality and quantity in the system.

                By working together to stop water pollution everyone benefits.   Once a water supply becomes contaminated, a community must deal with the very difficult and costly task of adding additional treatment processes or finding alternate water sources.

                Our Wellhead Protection area has been evaluated and given a medium susceptibility status.  There are five (5) potential sources of contamination in our system.  Sources ranked high are one 500 gallon above ground fuel storage tank and 41 acres of tobacco base.  Moderate risk sites include two septic tanks and on county road.  Ground water quality is monitored regularly for changes that would indicate any potential effects from these or other contamination sources.